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Opening times & Fees

Kids Rock opening hours, I work Monday to Friday, 7.45am - 5:15pm. However, these hours are negotiable as I aim to cater for all requests. I am not registered for overnight care.



All fees are to be paid monthly in advance, invoices are issued the 15th of every month and payable 28th of every month. Where appropriate retainer fees may be applicable. 


Please contact me to discuss my fees. I can offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. 

I can provide care for the hours before 7.45am and after 6pm 



All refreshments and meals are included in the fees - however I do not supply baby milk, nappies and wipes. Parents are more than welcome to send in meals or snacks for their child if they prefer to, although this will not alter the fees.


Each child receives 3-4 hours free settling in (Sometimes more if required). Parents can choose how to split this and can add more hours at the hourly rate.



My setting is closed for 4 weeks per year for my holidays. I will give you adequate notice so that you may arrange childcare cover for your children.  


Full payment, is required for parent/child's holidays, absences and occasional days off.


Parent/Guardian or Child Sickness - Full Fee


My Sickness or My Family's Sickness - No Fee


Late Payment Fee - £6.00 per day


Please contact me for more information on contracts and ways to pay i can offer payment via childcare vouchers and the free 15 hours.


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